Hey there. Welcome.

What makes me a good person to talk to and work with?

Sue Kearney smiling headshotI know what it’s like to feel like you just can’t be enough, give enough, earn enough, love enough, or even think good enough thoughts.

You’re not alone if you're tired of trying to rehab your thinking and improve the kind of person you are. Let me introduce you to life expanded, and to how much more becomes available when you finally stop trying to fix yourself!

I know what it’s like to recover from hope-to-die drug addiction and end up enjoying life more than you ever dreamed you would (and in my case, living twice as long as I imagined).

I’ve been learning, practicing, and working for decades.

I’ve got quite a vast and varied set of skills.

  • I’m a typographer with a trained and practiced eye.

    Attention to detail, yup. I was trained by printers in leather aprons in old-style type shops. I know, understand, respect, and honor typography in all its beautiful shapes, forms, and structures.

  • I listen to you, even when you can’t hear yourself (yet)!

    I’m here to listen. To you. After decades of teaching, coaching, and mentoring, I’ve learned how deep listening from stillness engenders deep and transformative conversations and potent revelatory moments.

  • I became an artist late in life; my fears don’t stop me much any more.

    I’m starting to respond with an enthusiastic Yes! to the creative urge however it may come to and through me. (Sometimes I make good art as well 🙃). I’m teaching how to express yourself and make your unique mark like you never have before.

  • I’m a brand whisperer with magical extractive powers.

    I’ve created branding, websites, and logo design for decades. I know how to help you weave your unique wisdom and your passion into every piece of your branding.

  • I make handcrafted healing and beauty products.

    I make magical potions with cannabis and other potent ingredients for myself, my loved ones, and my friends (you!). Pain relief. Glowing skin. Healthy organs. Happy tender tissue and wounds that heal.

  • I live and breathe WordPress (and I teach it too).

    I design, develop, and deliver user-friendly websites that are easily editable (by you if you’re called to it; or by me or someone else if you aren’t so inclined).

A little more about me...

I learned a great deal of what I know about design and branding in national advertising agencies servicing corporate accounts.

Things have definitely changed. These days, when I do branding and design work, you’ll find me collab-ing with solopreneurs and micro businesses: healers and dreamers, changemakers and disruptors, coaches and consultants.

Are you ready to make effective changes to your branding? Or are you ready to take your business/practice in an entirely new direction? Learn what’s useful to do to ensure that your wisdom, skills, love, and passion are clearly present in every aspect of your brand.

If you’re ready to create a brand foundation that really truly serves your business, you, and your clients, then we should definitely talk.

  • I’m most at home when I’m leaning on a redwood tree, or walking by the ocean, or on the dance floor in lead/follow lindy hop and blues bliss.

  • I’m a crafter and a maker. I paint, collage, sculpt, grow, cook, brew kombucha, make medicines (my own toothpaste, topical remedies) and beauty products. Email me for info and to order.

  • I’ve been on a deep spiritual inner journey since I began to meditate and study tai chi in the ’70s. I have — and use and teach — a deep toolbag of potent and easily implementable transformational technologies. (If it’s simple I’m more likely to actually do it.)

  • At 70 years of age, I'm functionally fit. As time goes by, my body and its abilities change. What I do to stay fit and engaged and strong keeps evolving as I evolve. The current menu of activities that are working for me include: my decades-long tai chi and sword form practice; neighborhood strolls and easy hikes in the gorgeous countryside all around me; suspension-rig strength training; and flexibility and postural workouts.

    I do my fitness practices in bite-size chunks throughout the day, which make for great breaks from my desk time. I use wearable tech that tracks my movements (and lack thereof), and provides encouraging reminders to get off my tush. So helpful for one like me who can spend hours in front of the computer.

  • I’ve been clean and sober since 1991. Which means that for a very long time I wasn’t. Which means that I can meet you exactly where you are at. Are you a survivor? Did your path include some grit and trauma too? I’ll receive your darkness with zero judgement, and celebrate your resilience and your light with love and compassion.

I’ve learned a powerful secret.

The time I spend engaging with life as it is feels better than the time I spend bitching and moaning about what I can’t do, have, or be (in this moment anyway).

I get to give more when I’m present than when I’m stewing in imagined future miseries. I get more out of life when I’m with what is than when I’ve plonked myself into regret and grief for who and what I’ve lost.

You know what I mean, right?

Even when I’m scared and sad about life and how it’s life-ing, I can embrace and engage with what’s available now, in this moment. I remember that this moment is the only one I’ve got, the only moment there is.

Those pathetic future outcomes I imagine are entirely made up. I’d rather use my magic imagining powers that we all have to conjure a juicy, friendly, gorgeous outcome and walk myself right at it.

Join me?

Get to know me. I’m here to help you do your thing:

  • Craft your unique brand: offers and marketing copy that resonate. I’ll show you how to extract the potent words and ideas that are alive inside of you.

  • Create your website, or learn how to DIY it. Want to maintain your own site? Want to never have to look at the back end? Want to learn at your own pace? We’ll make it work for you.

  • Embrace a new way of marketing that’s organic, aligned, and natural (not scary, not onerous).

  • Start your next business venture with a light heart. Try sh*t, and if it doesn’t work, try something else. It’s all an experiment, all the time. Now that’s freeing, isn’t it?

  • Unleash your inner artist. Express yourself, make your mark. Share your magic with the world.

  • Age and heal like a badass. Embrace and enjoy functional fitness — in your body, at your age.... Live in the body you’ve got, with the symptoms and diagnoses you’ve got, and know you’re whole. I’ve been there.

  • Find your way in the digital world, even if you grew up using rotary phones and watching TV shows at their broadcast time. (You’re not alone.) QR codes and digital wills — easier than you think, and so helpful! I promise.