I help solopreneurs ditch the overwhelm and thrive doing what they love.

I’ve been doing it all for decades. I’ve got you.

Business is a lot, right?

  • Branding and content. Improve your odds of connecting with your just-right clients.
  • Hire me to create your website or to teach you how to DIY. 
  • Be a compelling and consistent voice in the marketplace. Offer more than you ask for. Know the results your clients seek and give give give.
  • Managing tech. Learn how to choose the platforms, integrations, and options that meet your needs now (and that will grow with you).

You’re a solopreneur with purpose. Free up your time. Get support.

Ditch the overwhelm and thrive.

I’ve got skills and experience, in spades.

I work at the intersection of deep inner-journey experience and broad knowledge of design, marketing, and branding.

Sue Kearney's smiling face

I’m a brand whisperer who loves and understands tech.

I’ve been doing this work forever — from working as a typesetter in print shops to managing in-house studios for national advertising agencies. I’ve studied with coaches and marketing mentors. I’ve bootstrapped and learned as I went — from my mistakes, inspired guesses, and excellent teaching.

Now my passion’s pointed at helping you ditch the overwhelm and thrive in your own DIY business.

  • I’m a typographer with a trained and practiced eye for detail. I worked in type shops and advertising agencies. I know, understand, respect, and honor typography and all its beautiful rules and structures.
  • I live and breathe WordPress. I design, develop, and deliver user-friendly, easily editable (by you if you like!) websites.
  • I know what makes a strong, memorable, and profitable brand. When you’ve got a strong brand that marries your unique skills, wisdom, and passions, you stand out in the marketplace — noticeable and engaging. I’ve created branding and logo design for retail, solopreneurs, nonprofits, and tech companies.

Ready to ditch the overwhelm? Even when faced with an undending array of decisions to make in your DIY biz?

I’m the sage holding a lantern at the crossroads for you.

I’ve got skills and experience up the wazoo, and I’ve learned a ton from the mistakes I’ve made along the way. I’ve invested wisely, and I’ve overspent wildly. I know when DIY-ing is a good idea and when that approach will end up costing you way too much.

Transform your relationship with your business. Ditch the overwhelm and thrive — for real.

  • Stand out in the marketplace. Connect with the clients who are looking for your unique blend of skills and experience.
  • Ditch the overwhelm and love doing the business of your business.
  • Make appropriate tech/platform choices — low-cost, nimble, scalable.
  • Do what you love and thrive.

Sue’s got a keen eye for what’s essential, and specializes in making powerful key points with fewer words.

Copy editing sessions with Sue are fast, effective, and fun.

— Sharon Rosen, healer

Sue helped me clear the clutter from my messaging, bringing vision, mission, passion, and message into alignment.

She’s a joy to brainstorm with.

— Allison Pettingill, castle builder

I’m a slightly tamed hippie on an evolving journey. Just like you.

A few more things about me:

I’ve lived near the redwoods for quite a while now. Standing inside a old-growth redwood that touches the sky despite being burned out at its core is something I love. The experience touches something in me every time — a deeply rooted sense of connection, of being at home.

I also live within a short drive of the seashore, another place that makes my heart sing.

I’ve been in love with magnolias in bud and bloom for over 35 years — they bring the first splashes of color here, usually in cold dreary rain. I’m known for asking local friends to point me to trees when they start to bud. I’ve got decades of photos, starting when my daughter was a year old. We keep the tradition going every year.

I love creating and tinkering, cooking and sharing food with friends, learning new things, napping in the afternoons, kombucha, dark chocolate, and small-batch handmade ice cream.

Want to follow along? Check out my writing, art, essays, teaching moments, making-of how-to videos and more on Medium, YouTube, Insta, and Facebook. Want to get in touch? Hit me up here.

Wondering if I can help you ditch the overwhelm and thrive?

Well, first, I’m definitely not for everyone. 😎 But if I’m right for you, you’ll know it right away.

Connect with me on your favorite social platform for shares, images, inspiration, teaching videos, and more. I’m @suekearney pretty much everywhere.