I’m Sue Kearney and I can show you how to savor your life.

Because I learned how to savor mine.

Savor life? What? You mean stop being disappointed about the present, ruminating and regretting the past, and whipping myself into a stress frenzy about an unknown future? Stop imagining crappy outcomes and taking steps that put me right in the middle of the mess I made up? Over and over? Lather, rinse, repeat? 


Who and what I think I am is no longer a given. I see myself and life through a wider lens now. What I believed to be true/unchangeable no longer looks that way.  

It’s so freaking simple. I have choice. I don’t have to act as if what I’m thinking is true or my only option. 

I’m less and less interested in acting as if the sh*t I make up is mine.

Y’know what else I think/see/taste? The time we get to be here, alive, is the time to create. I’m no longer wasting time trying to make myself love-worthy, or to be a better human. 

I’ve embraced life’s imperative. To express myself. To make my mark. To live an artful life — my artful life. To encourage and inspire others to go all in. I’ve been set free, unleashed as an artist, creator, and maker. You can too.

Step into flow. Savor your artful life.

Savor more, stress less. Relax. Trust yourself. Do, be, and create what’s alive in you. Now. At your age. In the body you’re walking around in, dings and all. Let resignation, regret, and worry soften and melt away. They’re not yours; they’re not you.

Embrace who you are, as you are. When you do, you’ll find yourself at peace and full of potential. Your direction becomes clearer, you find yourself in flow. Inspiration guides you, and you move forward with ease and less effort. 

Live an inspired, juicy, vibrant life freed from your past and whatever you think is holding you back. The more you let creative energy move your bones, the less time you’re gonna waste ruminating, regretting, and stressing. (You get to choose, yay!)

Do the thing. Start. Go for it. Get your hands in the paint. Build the business. Change what you do. Get fitter. Assume the best and take risks. Surround yourself with encouragement.

I’ve got decades of experience. I’m here to help you do your thing. 

My clients work with me in so many ways!

Caution: Spending time with me can lead to increased joy, vitality, and enthusiasm. You’ve been warned. 😎

Make your mark

Don’t hold back. It’s time.

Stop trying to fix yourself

There’s nothing wrong with you. 

Age like a badass

Live a vibrant life. At your age.

Functional fitness at your age

Vitality, flexibility, and balance.

Do what you love and thrive

Stand out in the marketplace.

I’m a slightly tamed hippie on a beautiful spiritual journey.

A few more things about me:


I especially love these things: leaning on — or standing inside — a redwood tree, magnolias in bud and bloom, walking by the ocean, tinkering, sharing food with friends, wondering, napping in the early afternoons, kombucha, dark chocolate, and small-batch handmade ice cream.

I used to think my spiritual journey started when I began to meditate and study tai chi in the ’70s. Now I know we’re all on the same path, all walking each other home. I still get walloped by life in its fullness, burdened by grief and stress. I still take sh*t personally. But not for as long and with less dire consequences. I haven’t poured gasoline on a situation and tossed a match for quite a while now. And for someone who used to create a ton of drama, this is sweet relief (not just for me!)

I love mentoring people into the decade we’re actually in. You can fall in love with tech. Wearables can save your life. Even if you grew up getting up to change the channel and watching appointment television. Plus, learning all this new stuff keeps your mind agile, nimble, and sharp.

Wondering if I can help you?

Well, first, I’m definitely not for everyone. But if I’m right for you, you’ll know it right away.

Want to savor your life more and stress less? Melt your fears and resistance around creating and express what’s moving to and through you? Age like a badass? Trust your body and be functionally fit, dings and all? Then please, stick around.

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