I’ve heard that the artist’s job is to show what she sees.

How to buy my art

mailbox on side of house. Lid is painted with a variety of colors blending together. Medium is fluid acrylics. The front of the mailbox is silver.

Choose something I’ve already made. Pick from an original in the studio (book a virtual studio visit). Or buy prints and more on my Payhip shop.

Commission a piece in your colors or a specific size. I love commissions. Let’s talk about it.

Size matters. I work small, as big as I can in my tiny studio. My canvases run from 6×6ʺ to 16×20ʺ (with an occasional bigger project on request and the occasional piece like this lovely mailbox! 💜).

“Everyone who creates anything knows there’s a moment when a third hand is doing it.”

— Philip Guston

Learn fluid art at home!

The most fun you’ll ever have with art supplies.

Image of a section of a painting (blue and purple fluid acrylics) to advertise self-study e-course

For beginners and experienced pourers alike. Learn my favorite techniques, get all my best tips, including where to get what you need (helpful links included!)

headshot of Jenny Wilde

When you step into flow with Sue, magic happens.

She’s passionate and teaches with skill and humor.

— Jenny Wilde, artist