Live an artful life.

Live your artful life.

Express yourself. Make your mark.

Your unique mark: the one only you can make.

Stop waiting for conditions to change before you do:

Fitness. Health. Wealth. Age. Success. Fame. Love.

And the way you think!

Put down the toolbag. Take yourself off your project list. You’ve got better things to do.

Srsly. You were built to enjoy yourself.

There’s absolutely nothing you need to wait for.
Savor the life you’re living. Starting now.

Picture it. Spending more time relaxed and inspired — joyfully and fully expressed.

At your age. In your physical and financial condition. Dings and diagnoses and all.

As long as you’re breathing, you’re in the game. Don’t let your years, your health, or your bank account stop you. Show up and show off.

Live your artful life out loud for all to see. At your pace. The way you want to. Tinker. Fiddle. Wonder. Experiment.

Unleash your fierce and fabulous creative spirit, a completely renewable resource. Even if you’ve forgotten what it feels like to be in creative flow, as soon as you start flexing that muscle, it comes fully and fabulously back to life!

So. Go for it. Enjoy your desires. Express yourself fiercely and fully, and help heal this f*cked-up planet we’re living on at the same time. Nice! Those we leave behind — our kids and theirs — benefit when they see you embrace your badass artful life. Stop waiting. Start now.

Where’s your compass pointing?
Pick a direction and dive in.

So fascinating. You’ll even have fun watching paint dry!

Fluid Art e-course

Want to enjoy your life? Consider it done.

Light Your Spark

Let’s make magic together in an immersive virtual playdate.

Make Art with Me

I make, show, and sell original works of abstract art.

I’ve heard that the artist’s job is to share and show what they see, experience, and understand.

If my work resonates, let’s talk.

I’ll show you what I’ve got on hand, or you might commission me to create something for you in your colors, to fit your space just right.

Unique greeting card sets — 8 designs

Each image is a section of an original art piece of mine. The print quality is sweet. I send them with pride. 💜

The photo side has a luster finish — nice gleam, no glare. The inside’s matte so you can safely write your loving message without smearing.

Dimensions 4.13″ x 5.83″
16pt paper thickness
Envelopes included

Live an artful life. Live your artful life.

Let’s do this together. Join this semi-tamed hippie, maker, creator, survivor, wisewoman, healer, rebel, breaker of rules, and granny-to-be in vibrant, fearless, passionate living.

Savor more of your life, and stress less. Do your life your way at the pace that works for you.

Live your artful life. At your age. As things are. Now.