Branding and Business Simplified icon. Shows the words and a spiral that ends in an arrow indicating clear direction arising from overwhelm and confusion.

Ditch the overwhelm.

Enjoy the business of your business.

Get support for your solo business or practice. Build skills. Thrive.

Simplify your brand and your business. Ditch the overwhelm.

Watch the angst recede, and joy and ease return. Do what you love and thrive.

  • Simplicity. Focus on your client’s desired result and then align your content and outreach to make it way easier for that magic, sustainable, and profitable connection to make itself.
  • Do it your way. There’s no one right combination of social marketing, pricing, website platform, etc. for all. Stop flailing. Change the game.
  • Trust your voice and use it. Shape your narrative so that it’s meaningfully seen and heard in a quick scan. It’s 20almost23, and this is not your mama’s internet.
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Working with Sue helped me clarify my direction. I started to draw the ideal mix of clients, and my consulting business took off.

— Sally Collela, coach

There’s no right way, or platform, or method. Don’t follow a formula. Try sh*t. Iterate. Try again.

Business and Branding Simplified

Support and resources for your business and your brand.

You bring the starting point. What do you want to learn? What’s your growing edge? Your next big thing?

Which Branding and Business Simplified (BBS) is right for you?

Choose the amount of time you’d like to have my attention — one month or three. You’ll have my eyes, mind, and heart on your business and your brand.

The quality of the work we do and how I support you is the same in both versions (with the exception of a bonus call that you get in the 3-month option).

  • Our BBS work sessions are powerful intensives — where real branding magic happens. Record our calls for future reference; they’re resource-rich.
  • Your unique messaging will come really clear in our work. You’ll be surprised at the jewels that get revealed in our collab sessions.
  • You’ll be surprised at the jewels that get revealed — marketing phrases and syntax that exemplify your unique values.
  • Go as deep or as broad as you like. Ask me anything. You’re in charge; you start us off. BBS isn’t a cookie-cutter program (although you’re probably a cookie 💜).
  • You’re gonna love what happens — this is part of the magic. Be ready to get way more than you bargained for, and to enjoy the sh*t out of simplifying and succeeding!
  • You’ve got unlimited access to me for the duration. I’ll reply to your emails, texts, and messages within two business days (often way sooner).

3 1-hour collaborative work sessions included

Your investment: $997

10 1-hour collaborative work sessions included

Your investment: $2,450

Got something you want to handle in a single call? I got you.

Branding and Business Simplified — single call

You can simplify a lot in an hour, especially when you spend that hour with a resource like me.

Your investment: $250

Sign your dream paying clients with content that speaks their language.

Sue’s helped me define my voice and take a deeper look at how I communicate with my audience and get my message out into the world. 

— Allison Pettingill, castle builder

Frequent questions

Absolutely. I do logo and brand visuals work for solopreneur creatives, coaches, artists, healers, and changemakers.

Book a brief call with me to get started. No strings. No fee.

Yes. I’d be delighted. If you’re using WordPress, or want to be, I’m your gal.

I specialize in custom design/build collaborations. What’s the scenario that’s right for you? 

  • You want it off your desk and out of your head? Hire me to build it.
  • You want to build it yourself and learn as you go? Hire me to teach you.
  • You want it built for you but you want to manage it afterwards? Hire me to build it, teach you, and provide ongoing support.

Schedule a brief call with me. Let’s see if I’m the one to create your website’s look and feel.

Make it easy for your casual visitor to become a subscriber, a fan, and a paying client.

Choose the Branding and Business Simplified option that’s right for you today.