My handmade cannabanoid-rich healing and beauty products

Ease. Flexibility. Glow.

A very personal product designed to heal and plump up your very personal parts.

Happy Hoo-hah

Happy Hoo-Hah restorative body butter. Transform and heal.Sex after menopause? Sex after 60? Slick, moist, juicy, penetrative sex? Yes, tissue rejuvenation and healing are possible!

Vaginal atrophy and pain with penetration sometimes happen way earlier than menopause.

Happy Hoo-Hah helps. Whatever the reason, at  whatever your age, if you have similar symptoms — your hoo-hah has  gotten taut, and penetration has stopped being fun — please give Happy Hoo-Hah a try.

There are so many ways to use Happy Hoo-Hah:

  • Vaginal healing

    Transform your vaginal tissue and experience penetration without pain. Insert a small ball of Happy Hoo-Hah each night before bed and watch (feel?) your tender tissues begin to plump up and moisten.

  • For sexy times

    Feeling frisky? Try inserting some Happy Hoo-Hah 30–45 minutes before. Give it a little to penetrate, and you may find yourself enjoying penetrative sex even more. Add your favorite lube to the mix. Enjoy

  • Your tender tush

    Happy Hoo-Hah helps soothe and heal hemorrhoids. The slick and lubricious environment it creates eases the pain of passing hard poops. Tender? Coat the little ball of HH with a food-grade oil before insertion.

  • A luscious salve

    Skin loves Happy Hoo-Hah. So do nails and cuticles. It’s great for bruises, abrasions, and minor burns. The cannabis and healing oils will do their magic just where needed.

  • Great for massage

    Not only does Happy Hoo-Hah melt to a perfect consistency in seconds, it imparts the healing energy of its ingredients just where you’re working, reducing inflammation and bringing relaxation and healing energy.

Happy Hoo-Hah contains: Cacao butter and a cannabanoid-infused oil blend.

Currently my proprietary blend consists of these oils:

Apricot seed, argan, carrot seed, extra virgin coconut, frankincense, grapeseed, helichrysum, jojoba, kukui nut, extra virgin olive, pomegranate seed, and rosehip seed.

Tips for getting great results using Happy Hoo-Hah :

Because Happy Hoo-Hah is made with actual food and food-grade ingredients, its consistency will change depending on ambient temperatures. Learn its qualities and how best to handle it:

Happy Hoo-Hah melts at room temperature. In summer I keep it in the fridge, and in cooler times on my counter or nightstand.

Keep your germs out; use a clean knife or little spoon to dig out the amount you need. Don't dawdle with it on your hands. it liquefies quickly, and you’ll end up having moisturized your hands instead of your intended precious hoo-hah, or tush, or...

Happy Hoo-Hah will soften and melt inside you. You can get reliable and predictable results by inserting it at bedtime or about 45 minutes before sexy time. Get horizontal and let the magic happen. I often fold up a paper towel to use as a panty liner to catch any drips.

Happy Hoo-Hah is lubricious but it’s not designed primarily to be a lube. Depending on the kind of friction you like to generate when you’re feeling frisky, you might experiment with adding something more oily and liquid to your bedside toolkit. When playtime begins, create the mixture that works for you, at your desired level of slick juiciness.

Wondering how to let your light shine as you are, at your age?

Shine Your Light serum

Shine Your Light serum. Enhance your glow.Shine Your Light serum youthifies, beautifies, clarifies. It’s a luscious game changer.

Shine Your Light serum evens out your skin tone and smells great. And it feels even better than great. Your skin never looked so good.

Made with love and a proprietary blend of food-grade, nourishing oils, and just enough cannabis oil to make it truly magical.

Shine Your Light serum evens out skin tone; smooths and softens texture, and enhances your glow.

The carrier oils I choose have skin-enhancing properties.

My current mix consists of a highly absorbable base of sunflower and marula oil. To which I add my magic:

Rich cannabis oil (infused in olive and coconut oils)

And an intutitive, proprietary mixture of these nourishing oils:

Apricot seed, argan,  frankincense, grapeseed, kukui nut, pomegranate seed, rose hip seed, carrot seed, vitamin E, St. John's wort.

And these delicious and skin-loving essential oils: cypress, geranium, helichrysum, lavender, lemon, myrrh, rose, rose geranium, sandalwood, and tea tree.

Roll it on. Relax

Magic Spot Pain Relief roll-on

Magic Spot pain relief roll-on. Restore your ease.

Carry quick pain relief in your pocket. Magic Spot Pain Relief roll-on’s made with high-CBD cannabis flower, leaves, and trim blended with my blend of Chinese and western anti-inflammatory herbs, tinctured in alcohol.

Magic Spot Pain Relief roll-on is absolutely not psychoactive unless you pull the roller ball out of the vial and drink it.

Magic Spot Pain Relief roll-on contains:
Cannabanoids, albizia, and corydalis, tinctured in 151 rum.

Please note: I’m a kitchen witch, not a doctor. I’ve been privileged to learn from wisewomen healers who passed on what they've learned to me. I test my products on myself and my circle of loved ones, clients, and fans. Be mindful, be careful.

Cannabanoids are adaptogenic. Even used topically, your mileage may vary. Please rely on your inner wisdom and pay attention to the results you get. Consult with your own circle of trusted healers before using or making your own version of my products.