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The all-in, full-tilt, absolutely DGAF years.

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The art and craft of your business

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Are you working with the clients you want and making good money doing what you love?

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Book a Brand Intervention call with me. Start making your hard work and intentions pay off.

Brand InterventionWhat happens in a Brand Intervention call?

We’ll get together in my Zoom Lifelong Learning Lab, and I’ll press record. Share your screen and show me what you’ve got. And relax. I got you.

You’ll benefit from my 40+ years in the business and my keen eye for creating a potent and engaging user experience. I’ve got resources (vast) and opinions (many) and — most important — I’ve got an eye and ear for what makes you stand out like a beacon to your just-right clients.

There’s an art and a science to presenting content. You get under three seconds before a first-time viewer bounces. When you can compel your visitor’s attention long enough for them to say an enthusastic Yes! to your invitation by clicking your Buy or Sign Up button before they bounce, you’re calling the right ones in.

You’ll walk away from our session with specific actionable and implementable suggestions that will show fast results.

Learn how to call the right ones in.

Design & Branding Simplified

Three months with me — A season of support for your brand, your website, and your social interactions.

Nine collaborative content-development calls with me. Co-creative magic.

Learn how to write copy and craft offers in your unique voice.

Engage and convert your just-right clients.

By application only.

Hire me to create your visuals

Invest time and money into your content before you think about design.

I design and handcraft custom websites, logos, info products (like my Secrets pdf) and more — focusing on the content first.

Don’t cram your unique brand into a look-alike template. Let your website reflect you.

Apply now to get on the waiting list.

The art and craft of your life

Book an Audacious Life call with me.

Embrace the third third of your life. Unleash your creativity.

Invite more joy, inspiration, and flow in your life as it is.

At your age, despite the realities of aging and society’s expectations.

What’s on your mind? Come sit with me.

Dream your dreams out loud. Step into your Audacious Life.

DIY healing and beauty products

Enhance your glow from the inside out. Reclaim your ease.

Make or buy my potions and tinctures.

Products to inspire your business and life

Fluid Art self-study e-course

Explore my favorite techniques in this self-study course.

Great for beginners and experienced pourers.

Get your hands in the paint.

Secrets of an About Page That Works

The best of what I’ve learned in my decades as a brand whisperer.

Learn how to call the right ones in with these tips. Make it more likely they’ll click on your offer before they bounce.

Buy or commission an original piece

Schedule a virtual studio visit.

I’ll show you what’s available for purchase.

Or get yourself an original.