The world needs to hear from women who are all in, alive, and engaged in the third third of life.

The people we’re leaving this world to need to see and hear you. Here’s why.

When you’re sparked, you’re lit up — curious, engaged, and creative. Your actions set a powerful example and impact those who get to experience your energy and what comes through you.

Of course you’ll be having more fun when you’re sparked, ignited, energized. That’s a great reason right there to reignite: Have more fun every day, at your age, in your body as it is.

But there’s a bigger reason. There’s much more at stake.

Your kids, and their kids, we’re leaving this planet to them. And it’s a challenging time to be a human. When you shine your light, you’re a force for healing and inspiration, and sister, the world needs your light more than ever.

I know in my bones that you need to step up and go all in. Wisewoman can’t sit silent; we can’t afford to.

Get sparked. Your spark is a sacred gift for those who we’re leaving this place to. For our kids and their kids.

Shine your light. Step up. Go all in. Get started. Get busy. You have to.

Be inspired, curious, and fascinated again. At your age. 

Light Your Spark in a 1:1 call

Embrace the third third of your life. Unleash your creativity.

Invite more joy, inspiration, and flow in your life as it is.

At your age, despite the realities of aging and society’s expectations.

What’s on your mind? Come sit with me.

Dream your dreams out loud. Light Your Spark.

Reignite Your Life in six weeks.

Go even deeper.

Reignite Your Life is for you if you’re ready to step up and go all in on something new at your age in your body as it is.

Our kids — and their kids — need to hear your voice and see what comes to life when you’ve come alive.

Get 1:1 support for your desires and for the creative energy that’s on tap and ready to come through you into the world.

Book a Discovery Call and see if Reignite Your Life is right for you.

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