Enjoy your life as it is. Starting now.

Light Your Spark

You don’t need me to show you how to Light Your Spark.

Your spark’s already lit. You were born that way. 😎

You’re wired to be creative, to feel good, to thrive doing what you love. You’re built to be response-able to life in all its never-ending mysteries, joys, and agonies.

Are you thinking it’s too late to get started doing what’s meaningful to you? To get busy with what’s got you curious? To embrace the fullness of your life as it is? It’s not.

As long as you’re breathing, you’re sparked. Life’s flow and energy is present and alive in you. A Light Your Spark call’s a great place to see what it feels like to stop stopping yourself.

We all have sh*t we believe means we can’t, it’s too late, too much damage, too much blah blah blah. Free yourself from regretting the past and worrying about the future, because the time you spend doing that is time you can’t spend enjoying the moment you’re in. Simple math. You got 24 hours in the day. What are you giving your attention to?

Spend an hour with me and change the equation.

Sue treats your vision with care and respect.

I chose to work with Sue because of her knowledge and her compassion.

I continued with her because she reflects things back to me that I couldn’t see on my own.

Sue hits the right balance between encouragement, lighting a fire under your butt, and loving you at the same time.

As a start-up business, I value Sue’s willingness to let me do the work and bring her questions. She treats your vision and your work with care and respect.

Sue’s a joy to work with and I’m glad she’s helping me and my business grow.   

— Allison Pettingill, castle builder

The world needs you to come alive. To go all in out loud, in flow, sparked.
(However that looks for you.)

Your pace. Your desire. Your creative expression.
Your artful life.

In a Light Your Spark call you’re invited to explore options, pick my brain, and dream your dreams out loud.

What do you want to talk about?

  • Making your mark | Creative expression unleashed:
    Art and the work of your hands as sacred practice. Explore techniques with me.
  • Aging: Living in your body as it is.
    Self-care. Movement, flow, flexibility, strength. DIY remedies tips and how-to’s.
  • Crafting your own healing and beauty products:
    Tips and techniques for enhancing your glow and increasing your ease with ingredients from your cupboards.
  • 21st-century tech:
    Enjoy online life and the benefits of wearable tech, even if you remember getting up to change the channel.
  • Making it easier on those you leave behind:
    The world of digital wills, online directives, and more.

Step into flow. Live an artful life. Live your artful life.

A Light Your Spark call is for you if:

  • You’re up for unleashing that magical question — “What if?” — at your art table. Ask me about fluid art, collage, writing. I’ll help you get started.
  • You’re ready to elevate your brand and thrive doing what you love, and you’d like to make smart choices about who you hire and what you DIY. I’ve got decades of experience and I specialize in solopreneur branding, visuals, and websites.
  • You want more fun, flow, and freedom in your life, even when life is life-ing hard in your direction.
  • You’re ready to enjoy yourself as you age and live a vibrant life as defined by no one but you! Your pace, your desires, your chosen activities.
  • You’re ready to feel fitter, and you’re wondering how to be active in a way that works for the body you’re in now.

Light Your Spark is perfect for you if:

  • You’ve come alive to something new and you’d like a co-explorer on your creative journey, despite perceived obstacles and limitations.
  • You want your just-right clients to find you! When you’ve refined your messaging you know what to say and how, and your tribe grows.
  • You get tired, discouraged, and scared. Explore how small shifts of intention, self-love, open mind, and support increase joy and reduce stress.
  • You’ve heard how 21st-century tech might enhance and maybe even safe your life: It’s true, and it’s so much fun!
  • You’d like to feel more vibrant, trust your balance, have more stamina and endurance. At your age. As things are. Starting now. I’m not a doctor, just a lifelong learner with great tips and tons of encouragement. 💜

Light Your Spark is not for you if:

  • You’re looking for tips on getting others to do what you want or change because you believe that happiness, success, and satisfaction will elude you until you do.
  • You’d like me to tell you what to do to change yourself or a situation. I won’t let you waste your $$ and time picking apart details with me. There’s nothing you need to fix; you’re not broken!
  • You believe something’s wrong with you, that you can’t have what you want in life. When you’re unwilling to assume that you’re wired to be happy, with resilience baked into the design, you’re gonna stay stuck.
  • You think you’re too old, too sick, too broken, or it’s just too late. As long as you’re breathing, you’re in life, in flow, and a channel for juicy creative energy. I’ll help you prove that to yourself!

Working with Sue made a world of difference!

During the time I have worked with Sue, I extricated myself from my old job (where I was entrenched), taken time off to broaden my perspective and develop new interests, and launched a business doing independent consulting.

With Sue’s support, I have learned how to…

  • better hear my own heart and aspirations more clearly
  • identify and release negative thinking and self-defeating behaviors
  • change how I talk to and about myself
  • set goals and priorities, and take actions to achieve my dreams
  • budget my money and my time

I’ve been amazed when I review what I’ve worked on with Sue, and see how much progress I’ve made! Having her advice, accountability, and support has made a world of difference in my focus and my efforts. Sue’ss also provided helpful coaching on personal issues and relationships.

— Catherine L., consultant

Warning: Reported effects of a Light Your Spark call include increased joy, vitality, and enthusiasm. These can come on quickly, and may be long-lasting. Ready? 😎

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