Light Your Spark

Reignite your fascination, curiosity, and creative desires!

Who are you doing it for now?

Now that your time is more your own...

Now that it’s not so much the kids, or the job/career...

What lights you up and get you going?

Are you thinking it’s too late to get started doing what’s meaningful to you? To get busy with what’s got you curious? It’s not.

So what if you’re moving slower now?
Who gets to say how much you get done and how quickly? You do!

So what if your children and your friends look at you funny when you tell them what you’re up to.
See what happens when you smile and invite them to play along!

The world needs women in the third third of life who’ve come alive and who are all in.

Light your spark. Reignite your life. Start something.

Light your spark
Explore options. Pick my brain.

Dream your secret dreams out loud.

Making your mark | Creative expression unleashed:
Art and the work of your hands as sacred practice. Explore techniques with me.

Aging: Living in your body as it is.
Self-care. Movement, flow, flexibility, strength. DIY remedies tips and how-to’s.

Crafting your own healing and beauty products:
Tips and techniques for enhancing your glow and increasing your ease with ingredients from your cupboards.

21st-century tech:
Enjoy online life and the benefits of wearable tech, even if you remember getting up to change the channel.

Making it easier on those you leave behind:
The world of digital wills, online directives, and more.

abstract collage

Stuck? Curious? Discouraged? Wondering? Let’s get to the heart of the matter.

Here's what’s on offer when you Light Your Spark

  • Resources, tips, how-to’s. Ask and I’ll open the bag. Tech, aging, making healing and beauty products, enjoying what you’ve got. Living in the body you’ve got in the condition it’s in —and enjoying your life at your age.
  • A warm welcome and a receptive ear. I’m intuitive, loving, compassionate, and real. Not to mention practical, experienced, and witchy — my oracle decks are never far from my work table and I’ve been known to pull a card or two when the time is right.
  • No matter what you’re bringing, I recognize you as the face of the divine you are, even when you may have temporarily forgotten. It’s my intention to reflect that back to you the entire time.

Light your spark. Reignite your life. Start something. Despite the realities of aging and society’s endless expectations.

Get clear. Get into flow. Get out of your own way.

A Light Your Spark call is for you if:

You’re up for unleashing that magical question — “What if?” — at your art table. 
Step around the obstacles and limitations that hold you back.

You want more fun, flow, and freedom in your life, even when life is life-ing hard in your direction. The challenges may keep coming but you know they’re not going to stop you!

You’re ready to stand in your strength, resilience, and flexibility even as your body ages and changes. You want maximum functional fitness at your age, in your body exactly as it is, today and every day.

A Light Your Spark call is perfect for you if:

You’ve come alive to something new and you’d like a co-explorer on the journey. Very useful if you’re wondering how in the world you could possibly be so audacious. (You can!)

You’re ready to claim your authentic voice and express it; you want to make your mark. Try me; I’m an expert extractor of your potent messages and desires. I can hear you before you can hear yourself.

You’re aging and you’re tired, discouraged, and scared. Explore how intention, self-love, support, and small actions and experiments can add joy to your days and reduce your stress levels.

A Light Your Spark call is not for you if:

You’re looking for tips on getting others to change because you believe that happiness, success, and satisfaction will elude you until you do.

You’d like me to tell you what to do to change yourself or a situation. I won’t let you waste your $$ and time picking apart details with me. There’s nothing you need to fix.

You believe something’s wrong with you, that you can’t have what you want in life. When you’re unwilling to assume that you’re wired to be happy, with resilience baked into the design, you’re gonna stay stuck.

Light your sparkWhat happens in a Light Your Spark call?

We’ll connect in sacred space and I’ll invite you to open the bag.

Spill, sister. What are you itching to cook up, but don’t know how to start — or maybe you’re starting to believe it’s too hard, too late, too big, to even begin?

I know it’s hard to remember how free you are when you’re thinking limitation is all life wants to give you these days. Get on a call with me and step away from that thinking.

Get sparked. Get busy. Start something. Step into your artful life.

You’ll be amazed what a little sparking will do.

Be warned: Our exploration will likely invoke relaxation, expansion, and fresh thought.

Powerful and potent. Expand into creativity, inspiration, and flow in your life as it is. At your age.

When you’re sparked, you savor more and endure less.

When you’re in flow and curious, life’s curveballs land softer. You trust your resilience. And you spend less time wishing things were different.

What’s on your mind?

Whatever area of your life that’s whispering to you, let’s dive in. Learn how to get started and how to sustain your forward motion.

  • What you’re creating: What itch have you been ignoring for too long?
  • Loving your body as it is, and discovering what functional fitness looks like for you today.
  • Enjoying more of what modern life has to offer, even if you remember getting up to change the channel. 😎
  • Making it easier on those you leave behind with online directives and digital wills.
  • Making your own healing and beauty products. Get your glow on. Reduce strain and cramps.

What do you wanna talk about? Come. Dream your dreams out loud. Step into your unique artful life. Right now, gorgeous!

Light Your Spark — an intimate and fun conversation.

Here’s how Light Your Spark works. Just after you complete the transaction, you’ll receive an email with a link to my calendar — schedule your call.

Get ready to have fun. Anything can happen!

Book your session, gather your thoughts/notes, and get ready to have more fun than you’re used to having when thinking about what you want and what you’re ready to be up to.

You’ll be amazed what comes through when we’ve put ourselves together and invited creativity and desire to join us.

Have fun. Enjoy what comes to and through you. Make something new and beautiful.