Things have changed — Welcome to my new home on the web.

After a long run, I’ve let go of Magnolias West, and I’m up to something new.

I’ve launched my first e-course, with more self-study courses to come.

The creativity factory is humming along, and I’m still here for you.

What can I help you with today?

Fluid Art e-course

Express yourself. Make your mark.

Five explorations of fluid art.

Original art

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I’m still doing the work I love. Branding. Websites. Making healing and beauty products.

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Learn how to make choices and take actions that are aligned, effective, and easy.

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P.S. If you’re considering me as your web designer/developer, start by booking this call. Even if you don’t hire me now, we’ll both come out ahead. I’ll get to dream and explore with you, always a wonderful experience. And you’ll get the benefit of an hour with me in which I’ll open my vast bag of tips and tricks and freely share resources and ideas with you.

I make it easy for you. By recording the call, you can relax and not have to take notes or try to remember all the good stuff we’ll come up with.

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No blog — fancy that!

After ten years and 883 posts, I’m done.
These days you’ll find my videos and posts on Instagram, YouTube, and Medium. Please subscribe, like, and share. Thanks.

There’s new stuff to see. Have a look around.

Recent interviews — It’s all about the flow

Image of Stephanie Benedetto Padovani showing her Wildspire podcast Stephanie Benedetto Padovani and I got together and had a conversation for her Wildspire podcast. We went wide and deep, talking about what art can teach us about living from flow in business and navigating difficult life transitions, addiction and aging.

The episode’s called How to Create in Flow Like a Badass Artist.

Creativity conversations intro slideNina Lockwood’s an amazing artist and a maker, so of course that’s where we started off in one of her inspiring Creativity Conversations. We talked about living your best life, making your unique mark, and living in and from joy more and from stress and angst less.

The episode’s called It's All About the Flow.

I’d love to talk to your audience!

Are your people looking for support and encouragement? Book me for your podcast or event. I’d be delighted.

One of these topics?

  • Creative expression and mark-making
  • Aging like a badass — living and loving your wild and precious life as it is
  • Mastering modern tech life — even if you grew up using a rotary phone
  • Fluid art — flow, freedom, fun
  • Collaging with painted (by me) papers and so much else including the anonymous #postcardpenpals project (shh!)
  • The DIY life, making healing and beauty products
  • Branding Simplified and marketing that’s aligned, easy, and fun