Content clarity

Content Clarity: Six-week 1:1 immersion.

Content clarity

Content Clarity: Shape your copy to create engagement.

It’s 20-almost-22 and your prospects/clients don’t read; they scan.
Learn how to:

  • Expand the time your first-time viewer stays with you on your web page or post — make it more likely they’ll get to the button before they bounce.
  • Extract and use only your most potent and compelling ideas, words, concepts, and images.
  • Focus on the results: What your clients will do/be/have/experience from your work.
    >>> Power tip: Save your process — your “how” — for later. Learn what copy and narrative belongs where. <<<

Content Clarity is a six-week 1:1 collaboration with me. Here’s what you get:

  • Six calls over six weeks
  • You pick what we work on. We can shape a new offer or current content.
  • Access to me between calls via messaging.
  • My attention and input: I’ll share comments and teachings in response to your questions and edits between calls

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