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Light your spark

Light Your Spark 1:1 call

Light your sparkWhat happens in a Light Your Spark call?

We’ll connect in sacred space and I’ll invite you to open the bag.

Spill, sister. What are you itching to cook up, but don’t know how to start — or maybe you’re starting to believe it’s too hard, too late, too big, to even begin?

I know it’s hard to remember how free you are when you’re thinking limitation is all life wants to give you these days. Get on a call with me and step away from that thinking.

Get sparked. Get busy. Start something.

You’ll be amazed what a little sparking will do.

Be warned: Our exploration will likely invoke relaxation, expansion, and fresh thought.

Powerful and potent. Expand into creativity, inspiration, and flow in your life as it is. At your age.

What do you wanna talk about?

Make art. Make something beautiful. Make a mess. Have fun.

Explore what functional fitness might look like for you.

Enjoy modern tech and wearables even if you remember getting up to change the channel.

Make it easier on those you leave behind — Online directives and digital wills.

DIY healing and beauty products. Get your glow on. Reduce strain and cramps.

What’s on your mind? Come. Dream your dreams out loud. Step into your Audacious Life. Right now, gorgeous!