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Make Art with Me image

Make Art with Me

Make Art with Me imageMake Art with Me.

Let’s have a playdate.

You at your art table, me at mine, through the magic of Zoom.

Never done a Zoom call in your studio? No worries. I’ll show you how to connect via your smart phone or tablet at your art table so you can both create something lovely at your art table and see what I’m up to at mine all at once. Magic!

We’ll make it work, even if you make art in a very small space, like me.

Ready to get your hands in the paint?

Learn to deepen where you go. Explore working in layers, or combining techniques. Ask me anything — I’ll tell you what I’ve learned and show you how I do it!

Make Art with Me is a private 90-minute creation session with me. 1:1, intimate and fun.

Here’s how a Make Art with Me works. Just after you complete the transaction, you’ll receive an email with a link to my calendar, along with a suggested materials list if you’re a beginner fluid artist. Book your session, gather your art supplies, and get ready to have more fun than you’ve ever had before making art.

You’ll be amazed what comes through when we’ve put ourselves together and invited creativity to join us.

You’ll have fun, make a sacred mess, and likely create something new and beautiful.


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