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At this point, in the third third of your precious life — especially after the last couple of intense years on planet earth — you may be wondering why you’d even bother to put down the remote and embrace your life as it is.

And here I am asking you to reignite your whole life, to get busy, and go all in — on something new or something you started and dropped.

Truth bomb: You don’t need to reignite anything. You’re ignited, all the time, and will be until you die. You’re sparked, creative, inventive, and curious by nature.

I’m inviting you to reignite and embrace your desires in an entirely new way, and to go all in on what lights you up. No biggie. Huge, right? 💜 Let’s do this!

Here’s where we’ll start. Reignite Your Life and learn how to:

  • Fall in love with your life, and act like it. Wonder does wonders for the soul, and expands what you actually get done.
  • Use your activities — what you do, how you live, what you create — in service of your happiness and peace.
  • Midwife your juicy creative energy into form without thinking the life out of it, reliably and sustainably

Stay engaged, respond to inspiration with a big fat YES!, and take meaningful, impactful actions. Get started, get busy, get going.

More to consider:

  • As long as you’re still breathing, that thing that’s breathing you is a never-ending source of inspiration and creative energy.
  • You get to choose the what, the how, and the how fast. Social norms about what you’re supposed to be up to at your age are irrelevant.
  • Embrace your life as it is in your body as it is. Diagnoses, symptoms, and conditions are not the boss of your state of mind.

Power tip: IThe world needs you showing up, going all in, and shining your light. Now more than ever. Our kids — and their kids — need to hear your voice and see what comes to life when you’ve come alive.

Reignite Your Life is a six-week 1:1 guided collaboration with me. Here’s what you get:

  • Six 90-minute calls over six weeks.
  • You pick what we work on. Start something new,  breathe new life into a stalled idea, or…?
  • Unlimited access to me via messaging. I respond pretty quickly — always within 24 hours.
  • Encouragement and accountability in the way that works for you.
  • My attention and input: I’ll share comments and teachings in response to your questions and drafts between calls.

What does your life look like when you’re reignited? Find out.


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