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shine your light in 22

Shine Your Light in ’22 mini-retreat

shine your light in 22What’s sparking in you?

Join me in the Shine Your Light mini-retreat and find out.

Shine your light in 2022 like you never have before. At your age. As things are. In your body.

It’s 20almost22 and we’re in the fertile darkness approaching the Solstice. The moment the Sun apparently stands still and then — after a beat — changes direction. The contraction becomes expansion again. In the season, just as it can in each breath.

Join me for a mini retreat at the moment of this year’s Winter Solstice. Gather in sacred space and bring what’s sparking in you into the light. The people we’re leaving this planet to — our kids and their kids — need to see you sparked, inspired, and energized. Let them learn from your wisdom and the powerful example you set.

Just like redwoods grow in a ring supporting each others growth and strength, so do women shining their visions and intentions in the darkness.

Join me on for the Shine Your Light in ’22 mini retreat on Tuesday December 21st at 8am Pacific. We’re meeting in a private Facebook group I’ve set up for the event. You’ll get all the deets when you register.