Secrets of an About Page That Works


Call the right ones in to your business

Make it easier to do the work you love with the clients you want.

It’s simple.

The Secrets of an About Page That Works booklet has the best of what I’ve learned in my decades as a brand whisperer.

Learn how to call the right ones in with these tips on:

  • Building a solid foundation of “know - love - trust” with everything you post, offer, and share.
  • How to get your first-time visitors to accept your invitation to go deeper before they exit your page.
  • Create a pathway to going deeper with you. Share what you offer generously, freely, and consistently.
  • More clarity and confidence: You'll understand more about what the point of your web copy is. You'll make so much better connections with your readers.

Let me know what you learn and how you go!

Take a peek at what you’ll learn.

How to gently usher your reader on their checking-you-out journey.

The magic of welcome in your marketing.

Weaving a tapestry of well-crafted web pages with your intentional social media marketing.

Creating stepping stones: ways your just-right people can work with you. From free, to paid, to premium.

And more.

Sharon Rosen headshotSue helped me edit the copy for a sales page recently and the difference between where I started and where we ended is incredible.

She’s got has a keen eye for what’s essential and how powerfully key points can be made with less words.

Sharon Rosen

Gary Stine headshotI’ve just finished my second read-through of your Secrets of an About Page That Works article. It’s awesome!

I was trying to write yesterday and was coming up dry. The “how-to” that you provided makes it seem much more accessible. Thanks!

— Gary Stine

Put some of these Secrets into your mix and watch what happens.

The Secrets pdf is right for you if:

You want to work less and have more time for fun. When you stop reinventing the wheel, you free up your time for your amazing client work.

You’re ready to call in exactly who you want to work with. You’ll take on these rules of engagement, get bold, and go for it.

You want more clients, fans, and subscribers than you’re getting. Get better results and a more satisfying return on the time and money you’ve invested in your brand.

The Secrets pdf is perfect for you if:

You’ve got a unique brand and provide unique services and you’re ready to stand out like a beacon in today’s crazy-crowded online marketplace.

You’re ready to claim your authentic voice and express it; you’re ready to show up, stand out, and stand tall. You’ll take these tips and run with them, and make them your own.

The Secrets pdf is not for you if:

You’re not ready yet. Some clients need a little 1:1 support to get started. No worries, I did too (and still do sometimes!). If this is you, book a Simplici-Tea call with me, and we’ll get you started.

You’re following a program already. It can be tricky to combine two approaches at once.

You believe you’re too old, and you can’t. Until you’re willing to step around these obstacles and embrace your beautiful self, even my best secrets won’t help you.

Secrets of an About Page That Works

My best tips after decades as a brand whisperer.

  • Learn how to call the right ones in to your business.
  • Learn how to connect with the words and images you use.
  • Call the right ones in.