Simplify Your Life

Join me for Simplici-Tea

Everything looks — and feels — better when it’s simple and clear.

Whatever it is that’s troubling you, puzzling you, or apparently holding you back...

Bring it to a Simplici-Tea call with me and Simplify Your Life.

I‘m here to listen, share ideas that arise, open my big bag of tools and resources for you.

Be warned: Our exploration will likely invoke relaxation, expansion, and fresh thought.

Simple, yes. Powerful and potent as well.

Simplify your life. Simplici-Tea.
Explore options. Pick my brain.

Dream your secret dreams out loud.

Branding: Website design, WordPress, marketing concepts/copy, engagement/tribe building, socials.

Aging: Living in your body as it is. Self-care. Movement, flow, flexibility, strength. DIY remedies tips and how-to’s.

Making your mark | Creative expression unleashed: Art and the work of your hands as sacred practice.

Craft your own healing and beauty products: Lean into ancient lore and discover the fun of kitchen witchery.

21st-century tech: Enjoy online life and the benefits of wearable tech, even if you remember getting up to change the channel.

Make it easier on those you leave behind: Explore the world of digital wills and online directives.

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Simplify your life. Brew a cuppa your favorite beverage, bring your beautiful heart, and join me for Simplici-Tea.

Simplify Your Life call


Simplify your life. Simplici-Tea.

Step into sacred space with me and #simplifyyourlife

Sharon Rosen headshotSue helped me edit the copy for a sales page recently and the difference between where I started and where we ended is incredible.

She’s got has a keen eye for what’s essential and how powerfully key points can be made with less words.

Sharon Rosen

Ann Brown headshotAs soon as I spoke to you, Sue... as we had our conversation around your sacred campfire, I had an immediate feeling of relief and comfort.

I knew you’d be there for me as both a co-creator and a guide; to help me in any way that I needed. And you were.

Ann Brown

Gary Stine headshotI’ve just finished my second read-through of your Secrets of an About Page That Works article. It’s awesome!

I was trying to write yesterday and was coming up dry. The “how-to” that you provided makes it seem much more accessible. Thanks!

— Gary Stine

Simplify your life. Simplici-Tea.
Stuck? Curious? Discouraged? Wondering? Let’s get to the heart of the matter.

Here's what’s on offer in a Simplici-Tea session:

  • A warm welcome and a receptive ear. I’m intuitive, loving, compassionate, and real. Not to mention practical, experienced, and witchy — my oracle decks are never far from my work table and I’ve been known to pull a card or two on Simplici-Tea calls.
  • No matter what you’re bringing, I recognize you as the face of the divine you are, even when you may have temporarily forgotten. It’s my intention to reflect that back to you the entire time.
  • Resources, tips, how-to’s. Ask and I’ll open the bag. Tech, aging, making healing and beauty products, enjoying what you’ve got. Stuff I haven’t considered yet.

Simplify Your Life. Join me for Simplici-Tea. $125 for up to 75 minutes.

Get clear. Get into flow. Get out of your own way.

A Simplici-Tea call is for you if:

You want to have more fun, flow, and freedom in your life, even when sh*t’s really challenging.

You want to claim your strength, resilience, and flexibility as your body ages and changes.

You’re ready to play more in that magical space of “What if?” 
You’re itching to step around the obstacles and limitations that hold you back.

You want more clients, fans, and subscribers than you’re getting. Get better results and a more satisfying return on the time and money you’ve invested in your brand.

A Simplici-Tea call is perfect for you if:

You’ve come alive to something new and you’d like a co-explorer to look at it with you. This is so useful if you’re wondering how in the world you could possibly be so audacious. (You can!)

You’re ready to claim your authentic voice and express it; you want to make your mark. Try me; I’m an expert extractor of your potent messages and desires. I can hear you before you can hear yourself.

You’re aging and you’re tired, discouraged, and scared. Explore what intention, self-love, support, and small actions and gentle experiments can do to add joy to your days and reduce your stress levels.

A Simplici-Tea call is not for you if:

You’re looking for tips on getting others to change because you’re 100% certain that happiness, success, and satisfaction will elude you until you do.

You want to talk about what you’ve concluded in wrong, and you’d like me to tell you what to do to change yourself or the situation. I won’t let you waste your $$ and time picking apart the details with me.

You believe something’s wrong with you, that you can’t have what you want in life. When you’re unwilling to assume that you’re wired to be happy, with resilience baked into the design, you’re gonna stay stuck.

Simplify Your Life call


Simplify your life. Simplici-Tea.

Step into sacred space with me and #simplifyyourlife