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Reignite your life

Find out what your reignited life can look and feel like.

Book a free call today.

What would you get up to today if you were reignited?

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Imagine what you’d create and share, and the impact you’ll have.

The Reignite Your Life six-week 1:1 program is for you if you’re ready to step up and go all in on something new. Now. Today. At your age, and in your condition.

Our kids — and their kids — need to hear your voice and see what comes to life when you’ve come alive.

You don’t get to the third third of life — the years after menopause AKA the wisewoman years — without learning how resilient you are. With the world as it is as we begin 2022, stepping up and going all in is a powerful and necessary example to set for those coming up behind us.

In the Reignite Your Life program, you get my support, attention, and encouragement on our calls and in between, with unlimited access to me via messaging.

We’ll co-create a collaborative sacred space just for you to get sparked, to get started, to get busy, and to create what’s ready to come through you. What does your life look like when you’re reignited? Find out.

Book your Reignite Your Life discovery call right away, leaving time for you to get the 22% discount by enrolling before midnight December 31, 2021

Light Your Spark in a 1:1 call.

Light your spark

Get sparked. Get started. Get busy.

Invite more joy, inspiration, and flow in your life as it is.

What would your life look like today if you went all in? At your age, as things are, as you are in your body.

The world needs what you bring when you’re sparked. Your creations. Your love. Your impact. Now more than ever.

None of us gets out of this alive, right? What are you waiting for?

A Light Your Spark call lasts up to an hour. Dream your dreams out loud. Start something. Go for it. Light your spark today.

Enjoy the fun and freedom of Fluid Art.

Fluid Art course featured image

More fun than you’ve ever had before at your art table.

This course is for everyone, even beginners.

Art used to be something effortful and difficult. Not any more! I’ve been having so much fun — I had to share it with you!

Explore my favorite techniques:

Move paint with your breath or air. Drag chains and strings through wet paint. Pour on paper and then use what you created for collage. And more.

Fluid art will blow your mind. And you’ll have so much fun!

DIY healing and beauty products

an array of the cannabinoid-rich healing and beauty products I make

Enhance your glow from the inside out. Reclaim your ease.

Ask about or buy my cannabanoid-rich potions and tinctures.

Happy Hoo-Hah transforms and heals tender tissues.
Shine Your Light serum brings out your glow.
Roll Magic Spot on your ouchy spots.

Buy or commission an original piece of art

Schedule a virtual studio visit.

I’ll show you what’s available for purchase.

Or we’ll talk about an original I’ll make just for you. Your colors, your size.